We love our products and we are really proud whenever someone else tells us they do too - it's what we make them for!

Here you'll find reviews and quotes from pros, fans and the media - both local Swiss and international.

Steve Way - UK 100km record holder

Loads of good calories, and easy to eat!

Robert.W - UK

Brill - no other word for it. Brilliant service - could not be more impressed with the speed you get things out. Brilliant flapjacks and seeds. Really haven't had better tasting bike foods EVER! Keep it up

Round Town Blog -UK

They are free from wheat, artificial colourings, preservatives and flavours and well if you like flapjack MY GOSH these are good, particularly as you can taste the honey and butter!! So so so so GOOD plus full of those incredible chia seeds ;D! These bars are absolutely perfect pre endurance and I was lucky enough to pick up a couple more after the race! I will definitely be keeping them for my next long run and will definitely not be sharing them ;D

Greame Keys - UK

First tasted the chia seed flapjacks with sea salt flakes after a Spartan Race and was instantly hooked. Without a doubt the best flapjack I have ever tasted. It's a rare combination for something to be good for you as well as taste amazing, however the flapjacks tick both boxes and then some. Keep up the quality products guys.

Rachel Morgan - UK

CHIA CHARGE IS THE BEST. I have suffered from low blood sugar symptoms on and off, due to the complicated ingredients that are plundered into food items. Starting the day off with the HONEY TRAIL MIX & COCONUT & CASHEW NUT BUTTER with oats gave my taste buds a nutty feel, with a slight sweetness. Outcome? Delicious. Mid morning ... I grab a CACAO & CRANBERRY PROTEIN BAR. Again, no repercussions. Try it for yourself! Seriously. Happy. Thanks to the CHARGE!