Recovery Shake

Banana & Kale Chia Smoothie

Recovery food is as important as your training, your body rebuilds and recovers, making you stronger for the next session, and so the cycle continues.......

This recipe has been created by Tony Holland. Tony is well known in the North-East and around the Trail & Ultra scene, and also owns the website and store in Cramlington.

Tony is well known for his enthusiastic and honest advice on all things Trail and Ultra, he might even put the kettle on if you pop in.

Post workout morning shake - I normally have no breakfast then run for up to two hrs on nothing then within 20 minutes of finishing the run, I have the recipe below as my breakfast / recovery shake

300 ml water
1 x Banana
1 very good handful of kale
1 x scoop of hemp protein
1 x table spoon (or less if needed) Chia Charge Nut Butter

Blitz and drink

Yum Yum